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Advertiser Guidelines

As of June 30, 2010



NorthWest Senior & Disability Services (NWSDS) is the designated Area Agency on Aging and Disability Services for Clatsop, Marion, Polk, Tillamook and Yamhill counties.  NWSDS develops and maintains a comprehensive and coordinated service system to meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities. Our approach to these responsibilities is reflected in the agency’s mission statement – to assist older persons and people with disabilities in making and implementing choices that maximize their independence and quality of life – and the agency’s core values of Customer Service, Professionalism and Positive Attitudes.

With a staff of approximately 256 employees, NWSDS provides a single point of entry to many government-sponsored services for seniors and people with disabilities through a network of program offices located in Dallas, McMinnville, Salem, Tillamook, Warrenton, and Woodburn. The Agency also operates numerous senior dining centers (meal sites) throughout the five-county area, providing on-site dining, frozen meal programs and home-delivered meals.

Meals for the programs are prepared in Agency-operated kitchens in Salem and Pacific City and transported to the meal sites by a fleet of Agency-owned meal delivery vehicles. The Agency believes that by allowing advertising on these vehicles, at least some of the operating costs can be offset – allowing the Agency to put more money into the meals programs so more clients can be served.

2.  PURPOSE OF THESE GUIDELINES:  To establish standards for the display of advertising on Agency food service vehicles, with the goals of:

  • Generating revenue from advertising for the benefit of the Agency’s Nutrition Program;
  • Avoiding any potential identification of the Agency with the viewpoints of advertisers;
  • Avoiding an implied Agency preference for any product or service to which the Agency refers seniors and people with disabilities over competing products or services;
  • Maintaining neutrality on political and religious issues;
  • Not accepting advertising that would unfavorably impact the Agency’s image.


  • Advertiser – An individual, company, agency, association, organization or any other type of entity proposing to place an advertisement on an Agency food service vehicle.
  • Agency – NorthWest Senior & Disability Services.
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs) – Viewpoint-neutral messages which are not commercial in nature.
  • Sponsor – Organization, business or individual who sponsors all or part of the operating expenses for a vehicle for a 12-month period.
  • ED / DD – Executive Director and/or Deputy Director of Agency



  • Management of the Truckside Advertising Program:  Agency Nutrition Services Manager
  • Selection Committee:  Agency Deputy Director, Administrative Services Manager, Business Services Manager, & Nutrition Services Manager
  • Design of proposed advertising:  Advertiser, in accordance with Advertisement Guidelines
  • Approval of proposed advertising:  Agency Executive Director / Deputy Director (ED / DD)
  • Production of approved advertising material:  Advertiser
  • Selection of Sign Vendor:  Advertiser (subject to Agency approval)
  • Installation of finished signs:
    • Vinyl wrap:  Advertiser’s sign vendor (see additional information under paragraph 12).
    • Drop-in vinyl signs:  No installation required.  Framework provided by Agency.

5.  AVAILABLE TRUCKS: Four 16-foot heated and cooled Meals on Wheels delivery trucks with dry storage.   See attached diagrams.

  • Truck AMarion County Route: Keizer to Woodburn, Mt. Angel, Silverton, various locations in Salem, and back to Keizer.
  • Truck BYamhill County Route:  Keizer to Amity, Newberg, Yamhill, McMinnville, Sheridan and back to Keizer.
  • Truck CPolk County Route:  Keizer to Dallas, Monmouth, West Salem, SE Salem, South Salem and back to Keizer.
  • Truck DCoastal Route:  Pacific City to Tillamook, Nehalem, Seaside, Svensen and back to Pacific City.




  • Back panel:  Vinyl wrap.
    Frame dimensions: 90” wide x 21” tall:

    • 6 months:  $320 a month
    • 12 months:  $300 a month
  • Side Panels/Rear Food Door:  Vinyl wrap/2sides.
    Area: 32” wide x 40” tall:

    • 12 months:  $300 a month (for both sides)
  • Lower Food Box Panel: Vinyl wrap/2 sides.
    Area: 54” wide x up to 17” tall:

    • 12 months:  $100 a month (for both sides)

7.  IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS: An advertiser or sponsor might provide in-kind contributions equivalent to advertising fees, or as negotiated with the Agency.  In-kind contributions might provide free or discounted products or services, such as tires, vehicle maintenance, or advertising services.

8.  SPONSORSHIP. The Agency reserves the option of reserving ad space to recognize individuals, organizations or businesses who sponsor all or part of the operating costs of a truck for a period of twelve months or more.




  • Interested Advertiser submits a proposal to the Nutrition Services Manager:

Kevin Grossnicklaus, (503) 304-3475,

  • The Selection Committee will review submitted proposals using the Ranking of Proposals for Advertising on NWSDS Agency Meal Delivery Vehicles Checklist; and choose advertisers for recommendation to the ED / DD.
  • ED /DD will review recommendation and approve/disapprove.
  • Approved Advertiser signs contract with the Agency.
  • Advertiser submits proposed ad design to the Nutrition Services Manager, who will obtain review and approval from the ED / DD.
  • Advertiser’s sign vendor produces the finished signs, and – in the case of vinyl wrap signs – coordinates with Nutrition Services Manager to install the signs on Agency trucks.


The wording, content, illustration and style of all proposed advertising is subject to the approval of the Agency.


  • Disallowed Content.  Advertising content must not fall into any of these categories:

(1)      False, misleading or deceptive;

(2)      Promotes unlawful or illegal goods, services or activities;

(3)      Implies or declares an Agency endorsement of any goods, services or activities;

(4)      Implies Agency preference for any product or service to which the Agency refers seniors and people with disabilities over competing products or services;

(5)      Is libelous;

(6)      Contains any nudity, obscenity, or sexual references or implications;

(7)      Promotes the sale of tobacco, alcohol, or related products;

(8)      Supports or opposes a candidate, issue or cause;

(9)      Supports or opposes a religion, denomination, creed, tenet or belief;

(10) Directs viewers to web addresses and/or telephone numbers that contain material which violates these guidelines.

  • Attribution.  All advertisements shall clearly identify the person or entity that has sponsored, paid for, or caused the ad to be placed on the Agency vehicle.
  • Disclaimer Statements.  The Agency reserves the right, in all circumstances, to require an advertisement to include a disclaimer indicating that the ad is not sponsored by – and does not necessarily reflect the views of – the Agency.
  • Termination for Violation of Guidelines.  The Agency reserves the right to terminate, without refund, any advertisement that it determines, after acceptance, is in violation of these guidelines due to misrepresentation by the advertiser.

11. DESIGN & LAYOUT.  NWSDS will provide signage dimensions to the advertiser based on the space rented.  After Agency approval of the ad design and content, the Advertiser will supply, at 100% their cost, finished sign(s) for insertion into the billboard frames and/or installed vinyl wrap signage, as applicable.

12.  SIGN VENDORS. The Agency may recommend a sign vendor based on reasonable costs and proven workmanship; however the advertiser has the option to choose its own vendor.

  • For vinyl wraps, the vendor must be available for on-site installation at the Central Kitchen, 2655 Hyacinth NE, Salem, OR 97303 (Trucks A, B & C) and the Kiwanda Community Center, 3460 Cape Kiwanda Drive, Pacific City, OR 97135 (Truck D), during hours that will not interfere with delivery operations.
  • The Agency may require the advertiser to replace or reinstall signage that does not meet its quality expectations.
  • The Agency may disapprove use of a vendor that has not met its quality standards in the past.

13. TIMLINESS OF SUBMISSION OF ADVERTISEMENTS.  Upon submission of advertising, Advertiser will expressly agree that the Agency is not liable for any damages, whether direct or indirect, arising out of delays in posting of the advertisement due to the review process.  Advertisers are urged to submit their advertisements with sufficient lead time to allow for Agency review of compliance with these guidelines.

14. AMENDMENT OF POLICY.  The Agency reserves the right to amend these policies and standards at any time, including the right to declare a complete ban on all advertising on Agency food service vehicles and to direct that no advertisements of any kind be accepted for display.



15.  CANCELLATION.  The Agency and/or the Advertiser may cancel the contract to advertise upon 30 days’ written notice.  Prepaid unused advertising will be prorated and refunded.


1.  Ranking of Proposals for Advertising on NWSDS Agency Meal Delivery Vehicles

2.  Vehicle Diagrams (side and back view)

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