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2017-2018 Lee Hazelwood Advocacy Award Nomination Application

Information provided on this application is confidential and will only be used for the purpose of this award.

Applicants will be contacted once a decision is made.

2016-2017 Award Winners: Ruth McEwen and Charles Richards!

Award Picture -USE ONLINE

From left to right: Representative Gomberg, Senator Johnson, Mary Hazelwood, Charles Richards, Ruth McEwen, Lee Hazelwood’s Granddaughter and her family

Award Description

This award honors the memory of Lee’s life and his astonishing dedication by recognizing an individual leader, who in the most recent year, has mirrored Lee’s inspiring devotion to the advocacy and welfare of Oregon seniors and people with disabilities. The award will distinguish the individual’s ability to give, advocate and volunteer their time and efforts towards positive change within NorthWest Senior and Disability Services, the community and the state and federal legislature. We are honored to present The Lee Hazelwood Advocacy Award in remembrance of Lee’s lifelong legacy to the programs and mission of NorthWest Senior and Disability Services.


Award will be given to an individual who exhibited one or more of the following:

  • Took initiative to establish an effective activity that advocated for a specific issue or program related to seniors and people with disabilities;
  • Demonstrated personal efforts that were critical to passing a favored legislation or preventing legislation that would be detrimental to senior and people with disabilities;
  • Provided leadership and creativity in devising strategies that enhanced the overall advocacy of the people that NorthWest Senior and Disability Services serves.

The award is given based on an individual’s personal achievement and commitment. It is not given to groups of people or organizations. Previous candidates not selected may be re-nominated.

Nomination Process

Who can submit a nomination?

  • Nominations are open to the public.

What must each nomination include?

  • Each nomination must include a nomination application and a statement from the nominator explaining the qualifications of the candidate and an explanation of the reasons why the candidate should be awarded The Lee Hazelwood Advocacy Award
  • All nominations must be received by November 15th.

Selection Process

Description (optional)

How will the recipient be selected?

  • NWSDS Joint Legislative and Advocacy committee and nominating committee for review and selection of finalists.
  • Finalist will be forwarded to the council chairs, council vice chairs, and NWSDS executive directors for final decision.

Nature of Award

How often will we present this award?

  • This award will be presented annually on the first week of February. Nominations will reopen on March 1st of every year and must be submitted no later than November 15th of that same year.

Where will the award be presented?

  • The award will be presented at Salem State Capitol Building or other appropriate venue.

What will the recipient receive?

  • The recipient will be presented with a personalized plaque as well as a plaque that will be showcased at NorthWest Senior and Disability Services.

How will it be announced?

  • The recipient of this award will receive a phone call as well as an award letter and invitation to the award ceremony.
  • Recipient will be announced in agency website and publications as well as in local newspapers.


For additional questions

NorthWest Senior and Disability Services
ATTN: Zaira Flores-Delgado
PO BOX 12189
Salem, Or 97309
Fax: 503-304-3434
E-mail: zaira.flores@nwsds.org

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