Senior Peer Mentor Program

We at NWSDS understand life is all about change.  As we get older, we all experience events which produce life transitions such as the death of loved ones, new living arrangements, changes in physical and emotional  health and changes in relationships.  Sometimes, though, these changes can lead to feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

The good news is we are never too old to learn from change – to learn to live better with change!  Being able to talk with someone close to your age can be especially comforting and helpful.  Senior Mentors are trained volunteers.  They are not problem solvers, yet desire to help you understand and cope with depression and/or anxiety.  They want to help you remain independent, self-reliant and promote healthy aging.  Our program uses an evidence based self-guided workbook model of recovery.

After initial screening, seniors accepted into this program are matched with a Peer Mentor.  People are not obligated to enter the program and may leave at any time.  Meetings with the Peer Mentor occur in a person’s home, usually one hour a week at a mutually convenient time.  All conversations are strictly confidential and the program is free.

If you would like to learn more or are interesting in volunteering to become a Senior Peer Mentor, please contact Chad Cox at (503) 304-3414, 1(800) 469-8772, or

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