Family Caregiver Support

The goal of the Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP) it to help reduce the stress caregivers feel by providing supporting services. These services may include respite, counseling, training, support groups, or other resources. Services are for unpaid caregivers and are provided free of charge. To learn more, please contact your local NWSDS office.

Who can receive services through the FCSP?
What services (with detail) are available through the FCSP?

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Grandparent Conference Presentations & Handouts
Legal Guardianship and adoption
  Ryan Gibb, Attourney (Video) -Running time 1 hour 25 minutes

Nudging Grandkids Toward Healthy Living
  Jeanine Stice, Registered Dietician (Video) -Running time 38 minutes

Resolving misbehavior and building self esteem
  Dr. John Taylor, Ph.D.  (Video) -Running time 1 hour 32 minutes




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