Gatekeeper Program

Gatekeeper Program             

It is a program that helps to save lives!

The Gatekeeper Program was created for people who need help, yet are unable to get help on their own. Many seniors and people with disabilities are healthy and active. They keep busy with family and friends, church, or community groups. There are people who live alone though and have little contact with others. The Gatekeeper Program helps to make sure people who are often alone are safe.

What is a Gatekeeper?

A Gatekeeper is a person, who in the normal course of his or her job, has contact with seniors and people with disabilities. This could be a grocery store clerk, bank teller, pharmacist, utility reader, or mail carrier. The list of people who can help goes on and on.

Gatekeepers learn to keep watch for danger signals. When they notice a danger signal, they make contact with NorthWest Senior and Disability Services who follows up with seniors and people with disabilities to screen their needs and connect them to programs and services. This may include medical care, food delivery, or help with household chores.

The Gatekeeper Program can be put into action with little input of time or money. Employees can be trained as Gatekeepers in less than one hour.

What Gatekeepers Look For

Confusion, disorientation, forgetfulness, anger, hostility, or excessive reminiscing

Economic Condition
Extensive confusion about money matters, expressed difficulty in paying bills, or inability to afford transportation

Social Condition
Isolated from social contact or possible abuse, neglect, or exploitation

Emotional Health
Excessive statements of rejection, not eating or sleeping well, anxious, fidgety, withdrawn, or recent loss of a spouse, relative, friend, or pet

Personal Appearance
Unkempt, dirty clothing, uncombed hair, or unshaven

Physical Limitations
Severe difficulty in seeing, speaking, hearing, or moving about

Condition of Home
In need of repair, neglected yard, old newspapers lying around, offensive odors, unattended pets


Gatekeeper Training Video

Oregon Money Management Program

Please contact:

Julie Sobel
Money Management and Gatekeeper Program Coordinator
(503) 304-3407

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