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Call to Report Abuse in: Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Tillamook, and Clatsop Counties.


Call to Report abuse in all other Oregon Counties

Online Abuse Reporting Form

Reporting form –  Microsoft Word format

Reporting form – Printable PDF 

“Please note that the name of any person making an adult protective services report is confidential and not public information.  Names are only released pursuant to the law.  Reports may be anonymously, but please understand we will then be unable to get additional information.  The agency is also prohibited from disclosing information regarding the report or investigation unless authorized to do so by law.”

ADRC of Oregon


Provide Protection and intervention for older adults and adults with physical disabilites who are unable to protect themselves from harm.

Scope of Services:
1) Receive Reports of abuse, neglect, or self-neglect
2) Provide and document risk assessment of Reported Victims
3) Conduct and document investiations of reported wrongdoing
4) Provide appropriate resources for victim safety

Investigation Process:
1) Conduct unannounced interviews with the reported victim, reported perpetrator, and relevant witnesses.
2) Obtain and Review any available documentary or Physical Evidence.
3) Determine the facts of the case based on the available evidience.
4) Conclude whether the majority of the evidence indicates that the incident occurred and whether abuse or neglect is
substantiated, unsubstantiated, or inconclusive

Mandatory Reporting

Mandatory Reporter:
Any public or private official who is required by statute to report suspected abues or neglect.

The public or private officials who are mandatory reporters are:
1) Physician, pyschiatrist, naturopathic, physician, Ostepathic physician, Chiropractor, Podiatric Physician,
Physician assisant, or surgeon including any intern or resident.
2) Licensed practical nurese, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, nurse’s aid, home health site, or employee of an in-home health service.
3) Employee of the Department of Human Serices, Community developmental disabilities program, or Area Aging on Aging.
4) Employee of the Oregon Health Authority County health department, or community mental health program.
5) Employee of a nursing facility or an individual who contracts to provide services to a nursing facility.
6) Peace Office
7) Member of the Clergy
8) Regulated Social Worker, licensed professional counsellor, or licensed marriage and family therapist.
9) Physical, speech, or occupational therapist, audiologist, or speech language pathologist.
10) Senior Center Employee.
11) Information and referral or outreach worker.
12) Fire fighter or emergency medical services provider.
13) Psychologist
14) Licensce of an Adult Foster Home or an employee of the Licensee.
15) Attorney
16) Dentist
17) Optometrist
18) Member of the Legislative Assembly
19) For Nursing Facilities, all of the above, plus legal counsel, guardian, or family member of the resident.


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